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CES 2024: Sams Club AI-powered Seamless Exit, over 890K views
@geekynews CES 2024: Sam’s Club AI-powered Seamless Exit. Now, after a member completes payment at a register or via Scan & Go, a combination of computer vision and digital technology deployed in the exit area of the club captures images of carts and verifies payment for all items within a member’s basket. With AI working in the background to continually speed the process, this digital innovation not only streamlines the member’s exit, but also allows exit greeters to refocus their time and expertise to assisting members and ensuring they have an enjoyable shopping experience. More than half of members at the pilot locations are already seeing the benefits of the new experience. With AI constantly learning and improving across any of Sam’s Club’s thousands of items and exit transactions at multiple locations, the company said it will continue iterating and enhancing the technology through early 2024, intending to rapidly expand it to its nearly 600 clubs by the end of the year. #ces2024 #walmart #samsclub #ai ♬ original sound - Geeky News
MWC 2024: Xiaomi Smart Lamp Follow Hand Gesture, over 260K views
@geekynews MWC 2024: Xiaomi Smart Lamp #mwc2024 #smartlamp #xiaomi ♬ original sound - Geeky News
CES 2024: Hyundai DICE AI Personal Mobility Concept, over 210K views
@geekynews CES 2024: Hyubdai DICE (Digital Curated Experience). Software combined with AI technology offers a whole new mobility experience. For example, DICE is a personal mobility concept that delivers a personalized curated experience, which makes the time spent moving more valuable. DICE linked with AI recognizes you anytime, anywhere, and provides optimized services. It can also be connected with a personal device to create a customized environment. DICE’s three-sided Transparent OLED create immersive personalized experiences. The ring pad controller, a kinetic interface that is an evolved form of the ‘fixed interface’ dashboard of existing vehicles, allows you to communicate with AI and adjust the environment of DICE. DICE can process individual preferences and movement environments to deliver a continuous curation of optimized content even while you’re enroute. #hyundai #ces2024 ♬ original sound - Geeky News